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Blue Line Data Solutions is a small personalized technology company specializing in online database applications for law enforcement agencies and volunteer fire departments.  The company is located in Bowie, Maryland, and is owned and operated by a 30+ year municipal police officer in Prince George's County, who is the pioneer of Maryland's Electronic Traffic Citation (E-Citation) program.

The Blue Line Data Solutions web-based concept allows you to display data to anyone in your organization that is authorized to view it, and depending on the design, can allow users to input information, perform searches and print reports.  Your database can be viewed by any computer connected to the internet, without the need to install special software.

Because the database applications reside on our server, you do not need your own computer server, a dedicated IT staff, or any other hardware to store your data.  Our database applications make it accessible via our web application server, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by way of a high speed, high bandwidth internet connection.  The server has redundant hard drives, an emergency power system, and off-site backup.

Two popular applications created by Blue Line Data Solutions are the POLICE STAT Records Management System for small to medium sized municipal police departments in Prince George's and other counties in Maryland, and the FIRE STAT LOSAP Records Management System for Volunteer Fire Departments in Prince George's County, Maryland.

Both applications are "turn-key" and provide real time access to your data from any internet-connected location, with very low yearly fees, and no long term contracts. 

On the development table is a Code Enforcement Records System and Business License Issuance program, both geared toward small to medium sized local governments.

To see how Blue Line Data Solutions can help the database requirements for your agency, contact us at:
(301) 458-0062 or by email at info@bluelinedatasolutions.com
Blue Line Data Solutions
Database Applications for Small to Medium Sized Organizations